There is no better way of learning in life than to travel.  Exploring new lands, cultures and traditions will result in understandings, tolerance and appreciation of ourselves, others and the beautiful world we live in. You will get challenged in ways far more than just the physical. Upon returning home you see the world through different eyes and you will hold that with you forever. Life experiences have a bigger return on investment than money will ever have.  

After years of traveling the world we found so many amazing, (un)discovered and mind blowing places that were just waiting to be shared. So here we are! A collection of our favourite adventures, places to spend the night and experiences, to inspire you to travel. With our compact travel guides we want to point you in the right direction and help you make your travel dreams come true. 

Adventuring around also showed us the negative impact that we as humans have on the planet, as we are leaving a path of destruction. The vast extinct of species and nature, the waste we leave behind and the gap between wealthy and poor is only growing and growing. On the other side we were very inspired by people we met along the way who were making a difference by doing something positive. Giving back to the countries you are visiting is very rewarding and through our Sustainability and Volunteering articles we'd like to inspire you to do the same. 

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