The most beautiful waterfalls in the world?

You know how they say that photos don't do a place justice sometimes? If there was any prime example of this saying, it would be in the form of the mind blowing Iguazu Falls. Although the photo's are often very beautiful an sich, it doesn't quite capture the feeling of witnessing almost 3 kilometres of water avalanches plunching down with enough power to trivialize our entire existence. 

The 250 individual waterfall drops mark the border of two of South Amercia's surperpowers, namely; Brasil and Argentina. 

Although you can find 2/3 of the waterfalls on the Spanish Speaking side, the tallest, most impressive and accurately named 'Devil's Throat' is located amongst the Brasileñas. When visiting this stunning Unesco heritage site, you can easily spend one day exploring the Argentinian side and another day to suss out the Brazilian (be mindful that you might need a visa, even for your 1 day visit across the border). 

Be weary: between the rainbows, patches of jungle and soaring eagles, you may encounter an army of wild Coati's - racoon like inhabitants of the Iguazu National Park who are widely known to posses incredible lunch-stealing skills. You are warned. 

Don't miss the chance to visit these natural wonders, it will definitely leave you in complete awe en will renew your respect for Terra Madre. Niagara eat your heart out.