Spotting Endangered Rhinos in Nepal

In the centre of Nepal lies one of Asia's best parks for wildlife spotting perfectly named: 'Chitwan', literally translated to 'in the heart of the jungle'.

In the heart of the jungle is where will you will be, cause once you set foot into this UNESCO heritage listed national park you have a good chance of spotting elephants, rhinos, deer, crocodiles and if you're really lucky even a leopard or the rare Bengal tiger. 

The little village Sauraha is the entry port of the national park, here you can find eco lodges to stay at if you are looking to visit the park multiple days (recommended). After your arrival, you can book jungle expeditions per foot, canoe or jeep; each of them offers an unique experience and viewpoint of this wondrous wildlife reserve.

 ECOTIP: In the park elephant rides are offered as a way to spot other animals, however elephants are treated horribly during their trainings, please say no to elephant rides.