A day at one of Bali's most beautiful Beaches

Some of Bali’s most incredible beaches are found in the Bukit Peninsula in the Southern part of the island, where imposing cliffs are overlooking expansive turquoise reefs.

These beaches are mostly hidden and hard to get to, as the white sand is often a challenging 500 steps down. Luckily, there is a slice of paradise along the South Coast of the peninsula that is a whole lot more accessible.

This slice of heaven is found at Sunday’s beach club, the perfect hangout spot for the day. When you buy a day pass for the club, you will be taken down with a cable car to the beach of your dreams.

Staying at the luxurious Ungasan Clifftop Resort grants you VIP access to the beach club, with front row beach beds awaiting your arrival; a more than welcome benefit on weekends and in high season.

If you are coming for the day, part of your ticket price can be exchanged for food credit in the bamboo restaurant that serves a whole range of food and beverages. Day beds and bean bags are set up in white powdery sand for relaxation mode.

The reef in front of Sunday’s makes for the perfect swimming and snorkling conditions during low tides. During these times you are also able to practice water-sports, such as canoeing and the increasingly popular stand-up paddle boarding.

After witnessing a candy coloured sunset, you can stick around for dinner and if you’re lucky, a bonfire or life music performance.

Are you looking for a comfortable, relaxing place to enjoy Bali’s natural beauty, this is where you will find it.

Ungansan Clifftop Resort Website

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