An Eco Experience in the real Bali

It would be an understatement to say that Bali is a popular holiday destination. The Island of Gods is so popular,  it sometimes seems like the authenticity is vastly slipping away. In many places, rainforest is quickly making way for developments and rivers are being filled with trash.

The island's infrastructure isn't built to accomodate for the more than 3 million excited travellers that pay a visit to this tropical paradise each year and the environment is clearly suffering because of it.

Luckily, there is a place called 'Bali Eco Stay' that shows how we can do things differently. A true hidden gem in an untouched part of Bali, where the destructive habits of tourism haven't wreaked havoc on the fragile ecosystem. 

John, Cath and their son Huey, together with the local community, have created a green haven in Kanciana Village, a tiny town on the southern slopes of Mount Batukaru.

Amongst rice paddies, food forests and thick jungles, they have set up eight individually designed bungalows, made from local sustainable wood and bamboo.

The water supply comes from a mountain spring running through the property, that ends in a beautiful waterfall, providing a natural swimming pool as well as electricity. 

In the 'Kupe Kupe' Restaurant, you will find meals straight from the organic garden or local farmers. Detox juices, traditional Balinese food and even some Western choices, all sourced as sustainable as possible. Dietary requirements are no issue for the amazing crew at Bali Eco Stay.

When you've finished exploring the property and swimming in one of the rivers or waterfalls, there are plenty more activities to do. Hiking one of the many tracks into the jungle and along rice paddies, mountain-biking or participating in one of the many traditional workshops, to name just a few.

Staying at this amazing lodge will make you feel reborn, but even more importantly, will teach you new found respect for nature. It shows how we can enjoy a foreign country whilst making a positive impact on the environment and the local community. 

ECOtip: You can't go more green than this place! Make sure to leave all the chemical products at home (mosquito sprays, shampoos and sunscreens) and find out how easy it is to go fully natural.