Desert Glamping in Style

A trip to the Sahara desert is special by itself, but imagine a trip to the Sahara desert where you sleep in a luxury tent, like a modern day nomad king or queen. That dream can be made into a reality when you book a stay in the Desert Sahara Luxury Camp.

A thrilling 20 minute jeep ride through the dunes will take you from the sleepy desert town Merzouga into a true oasis. You'll find camels grazing on the little vegetation that the dry surroundings provide and dunes of sand stretching further than you can possibly see.

This is glamping at it's best; an exciting mix of comfort and adventure.  

You never have to get bored amongst the pastel coloured dunes, as you can choose from a whole range of exciting activities; visit local villages, go sand boarding or have a beautiful picnic set up for you in the sand. Even more special is the Sand hammam that is available in the summer months; for 2 minutes you will be buried up until your neck in the warm sand which has shown to be pain relieving. More than enough to do to keep you busy for a couple of days!

Coming back from a whole day of desert activities, you'll find an elaborate traditional nomad dinner set up; delicious Tajines, couscous and dates accompanied by mint tea. The day is finished off with music, dancing and star gazing.  

ECOtip: get to know the wonderful people working in the luxury camp, their knowledge about the place they live in is astonishing and there is so much to learn from the way they live and respect mother nature.

As you can imagine, water is scarce in a place like this, be extra mindful when using the bathroom.  

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