A Luxurious Detox Haven near Ubud

With today's taxing lifestyles it is no wonder that more and more people seek out spa and detox destinations when selecting their next holidays. One of the most popular spots is Bali, in particular Ubud; the lush green surroundings combined with the plethora of health food options and healing practices make for the perfect curative vacation. 

Meet the Fivelements, the crème de la crème of the detox retreats. This eco-conscious wellness resort along the Ayung river, boosts 9 luxurious bamboo bungalows with an attractive open-air bathroom and bath tub each.

The lobby and restaurant are impressively constructed with bamboo and the open spa treatment rooms and spacious pool are beautifully laid out along the river. 

Spiritual and physical healing is accomplished by adopting a creative raw vegan diet, eliminating all toxins (no alcohol or smoking) and focusing on yoga, spa treatments and healing rituals. 

You can continue your spiritual journey by joining one of the personalised healing excursion programmes, such as a sacred pilgrimage, nature trek or village immersion; where appreciation of the authentic Balinese culture is in the core of each day activity.

Other than working solely with natural materials, focusing on water and waste management and not serving animal products, Fivelements promotes sustainability by committing to 2 social projects each year.

For anyone looking to rejuvenate mind and soul in an eco conscious bamboo dream, this is the place to be.

Fivelements Website