Welcome to the Juma Amazon Lodge

Your jungle adventure starts here! After an exciting boat, bus and another boat ride from the buzzing city of Manaus, you find yourself in the Juma Lodge, a jungle paradise in the middle of the Brazilian Amazon. 

There are several packages you can select at this adventure lodge, all including food and activities. Whichever package you select, you will be involved in a range of exciting excursions such as jungle trekking, pink dolphin spotting or canoeing. At night you can join a lecture or jump into a traditional boat to see caiman eyes lighting up on the river banks. 

The 21 sustainable wooden bungalows are built on stilts, blending in perfectly with the tree tops. In the rainy season, the river rises 15 meters, turning Juma into a floating forest retreat. 

When you are not busy exploring the Amazonian jungle, you can find yourself relaxing in the river pool, enjoying the buffet meals or saying hello to the local residents: the tapirs and the little monkeys.  

The Juma Amazon Lodge works hard on making your experience as sustainable as possible. All the bungalows run on solar power and sewage and waste is being managed strategically. Every two months the local communities are offered environmental lectures, covering topics from responsible waste treatment to biodiversity. Juma also works with charities and participates in several not for profit auctions.

Ecotip: Minimise your impact by reusing towels and sheets and bring biodegradable body products, sun lotion and anti-mosquito spray to not leave any chemical waste behind in this fragile ecosystem.