Stay in a Sustainable Tree House in Bali

There are many beautiful places to stay in Ubud in Bali, but it is hard to beat the unique sustainable experience at Bambu Indah. The team at ‘beautiful bamboo’ created a natural wonderland on the outskirts of Bali’s wellness hotspot. Individually designed wooden and bamboo structures are portraying the possibilities for a more sustainable future.

This bamboo fairy land is divided into two parts. The upper deck is where you can find the reception, the restaurant and the traditional Javanese bungalows.

The lower part, down the river, is reachable by an inventive bamboo elevator, descending into a cave. Here, you can find the Copper Tree house (displayed in main photo), the Moon River House and the larger family home, River Bend.

A wide array of natural pools are laid out on lava stones, where the water is treated and oxygenated by a natural filtering process. Each set of pools, upstair and downstairs, are decked out with a lounge area and rope swings.

The water from the showers and baths drains into the expansive food gardens, for this reason it is advised not to use any bathroom products with chemicals, as they can disrupt the ecosystems. Therefore, every room is equipped with amazing natural shampoo and body lotion, better for yourself and the environment.

Food can be ordered in the Bamboo kitchen restaurant upstairs, where you are able to have a look into the wide open kitchen space. The majority of the produce is local or comes from the organic gardens right next to the restaurant. Breakfast and Afternoon tea is included and lunch can also be consumed in the downstairs River Warung, next to the layered pools.

A 15 minute massage treatment comes complimentary, but longer spa treatments can be booked in house. Other than exploring the wonderful grounds, there are many sustainable activities to do at Bambu Indah, such as a trash walk, where you clean to local area, a visit to the nearby Kul Kul farm and Green school, or participate in a traditional Balinese blessing ceremony.

If you are looking to experience a sustainable playground that is beneficial to your health and the environment, make sure to check out Bambu Indah.

Bambu Indah Website

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