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A Boutique experience on the edge of the Sahara

In the middle of a date palm oasis, on the edge of the illusive Sahara desert, lies a tastefully converted sand castle; ‘Aitisfoul’. This mesmerising property is surrounded by golden dunes, providing the perfect desert experience. Enjoy a peek into the magical desert life and watch the stars bright up in the night like you have never seen before. The luxurious styling, welcoming hospitality and unique location ensure that your stay at Aitisfoul will be an experience to remember.

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Spotting Endangered Rhinos in Nepal

In the centre of Nepal lies one of Asia's best parks for wildlife spotting perfectly named: 'Chitwan', literally translated to 'in the heart of the jungle'. In the heart of the jungle is where will you will be, cause once you set foot into this UNESCO heritage listed national park you have a good chance of spotting elephants, rhinos, deer, crocodiles and if you're really lucky even a leopard or the rare Bengal tiger. 

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