Dreaming of Dunes in Lençóis Maranhenses

Except, this is not a dream. This is the insanely beautiful Lençóis Maranhenses National Park, on the Northern coast of Brazil. 

The Park is immense and entails over 1500 square kilometers of picture perfect dunes.  Lençóis translates to 'bedsheets' in Portuguese and with a little bit of imagination it is not hard to see why this name is so deserved. 

Between the months of  June and September, the dunes fill up with rain water and turn into shimmering turquoise pools, perfectly suited for a day of swimming and exploring. 

The National Park is reached by a smooth 4 hour drive from the colourful city of Sao Luis or through a more adventurous route from Fortaleza.

Two of the most common entry points to visit this unique NP are Barreirinhas and Atins, from where you can organise guided hikes and tours to some of the bigger lagoons in the park. Scenic flights and kite surfing expeditions are available as well.

We recommend to visit Lençóis from the friendly but tiny little town of Atins, where you can stay at the beautiful La Ferme de Georges

Eco Tip: As always, be mindful not to contaminate the lagoons with chemical sunscreens and lotions, opt for the natural alternatives. Don't disturb the local inhabitants; turtles, migratory birds and cows.