Eco Luxury on the Bahia Coast

In the middle of the Bahia Coast, amid stretches of desolated beaches and protected Atlantic rainforest, there is a retreat redefining the means of Eco Luxury. 

Txai Resort (pronounced as 'chai') is located on the Cacao Coast, 400 km South of Bahia's swinging capital Salvador.  After just a short 20 minute drive from the surfer's haven Itacaré, you find yourself on the most beautiful hotel grounds, surrounded by a tropical wonderland. 

The resort offers a variety of accomodation options, ranging from apartments to thatched roof bungalows with private pools overlooking the palm tree forest and ocean. 

In the two restaurants, traditional Bahian cuisine is mixed with contemporary cooking techniques, creating an interesting combination of flavours. 

The generous estate comprises of multiple swimming pools, a tennis court, a hill-top healing Spa and endless amounts of gardens to stroll through. 

One of the reasons we love Txai the most, is that the resort is making amazing efforts to contribute to the community and the environment.

The beaches in front of the hotel are frequently visited by endangered turtles. The 'Txaitaruga' initiative together with the local TAMAR project are monitoring and managing the sea turtle population. Talk to the in-house biologist or visit the turtle education centre on the property to see if you can learn more about their turtle conservation efforts. 

At the moment Txai is setting up a similar project for birds, where biologists and local researchers will be responsible for monitoring the native bird species in the area.

The ICT team (Instituto Companheiros do Txai) at the resort focuses on educating the local communities. By teaching the local children about biodiversity, conservation, recycling and composting, Txai is creating a more conscious future for generations to come. 

Ecotip: Join one of the many sustainable activities Txai is offering and learn more about the preservation of the environment.

Txai Resort Itacaré Website