The Best Beaches in North Eastern Brazil

Brazil has it all; lush rainforests, waterfalls, mountains, desserts and almost 8000 km of coastline. Some of the most dazzling beaches are located in Brazil's tropical North East. Even though it is hardly possible to make a selection out of the never-ending list of mesmerising waterfronts, we are going to give it our best effort. 

Praia de Antunes
In de state of Alagoas, a few hours under Recife and just outside of the beach town of Maragogi, you will find the most picture perfect beach, Praia de Antunes. The shore is lined with palm trees, the sand is powdery white and the ocean is crystal clear. A few kilometers offshore there is a colorful reef waiting to be explored. 
Stay at: Praiagogi

Itacarezinho beach
Around the surfer town of Itacaré, finding un untouched paradise beach isn't quite the challenge. Itacarezinho's 3.5km long shoreline is perfect for swimming and surfing. 
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Praia de Pipa
The little surfer town Pipa has attracted quite a crowd recently and is now matching Jericoacoara as one of the hippest holiday destinations in the North East.  Not surprisingly so, as the pristine cliff sided beaches frequented by dolphins and turtles alike, are definitely worth a visit.

Atins Beach 
The wide stretch of beach just in front of the tiny village Atins, next to the Lençóis Maranhenses National Park, has perfect wind sport conditions. If you are feeling a little less adventurous, trying some of the traditional food in the little beach shacks while watching the kitesurf stars perform is recommended. 
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Praia dos Carneiros
Located just North of Tamandaré, in de state of Alagoas, Praia dos Carneiros might be the best place to go for sinners alike. The Saint Benedict Chapel is located right in front of the ocean, which makes this beach perfect suitable for a Sunday visit. 
Stay at: Praiagogi

Praia do Preá
Twelve kilometers from the hip beach town of Jericoacoara you find yourself on the remote Praia do Preá, perfect for kitesurfing or getting completely disconnected. 
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Praia do Espelho
On a flat day, you can see why this beach deserves it's name (Mirror beach). The offshore reef creates perfectly still and reflective water. Makes for an excellent day trip from the sophisticated Trancoso, roughly 27km South of the beach town. 
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