The Ultimate Design Hotel in Manaus, the Amazon's entry point

When you are visiting the mighty Amazonian jungle of Brasil, your entry point will most likely be the city of Manaus, the heart of the Amazonia. This city thrived during the Amazon Rubber Boom in the late 19th century and the rubber barons brought the architectural luxury and wealth from Europe to their own city in Brasil. The Portuguese facades and French monument imitations give this port city an European charm.

Villa Amazonia is located in the historic centre of the city of Manaus, and within a few steps you find yourself next to some of the city's highlights, such as the well known Amazon Theatre (a duplicate of the Grand Opera of Paris). 

The boutique hotel has managed to perfectly preserve it's alluring facade and mixed the classical exterior with a beautifully designed contemporary interior.

The thirty commodious rooms are each equipped with a spacious bathroom and a private balcony facing the appealing pool and tropical garden. 

In the Fitz Carraldo Bistro you can try local Amazonian delicacies and international classics. 

From Manaus you can continue your Amazon journey to the Anavilhanas Lodge, Villa Amazonia's sister property in the jungle. There are also options to arrange shorter tours into the jungle from Manaus. 

Eco Tip: Many tour operators offer non-sustainable tours that harm the wildlife, the environment, as well as the local communities. Be careful with selecting the right agency and stay away from swimming with the pink river dolphins and taking photos with captive animals.  

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