What not to miss in Marrakech


You can easily wonder around the alleyways of Marrakech for days. Getting completely lost in the Medina's maze is the rule rather than the exception. Having a bit of an idea of what to see and where to go really helps your case in this city, so here are some of our favourite things about Marrakech for first timers.

The Photography museum of Marrakech

A small but beautiful venue, displaying some interesting historic photo's; which give insights to the berber life and what Marrakech look liked centuries ago.

The Souks of the Medina

Hard to miss, but impossible to leave out of this list. The buzzing street markets display the most delicious delicacies. You can find entire mountains of olives, nuts and dates for very reasonable prices in abundance here. 

The Mesmerising Riads

Riads are traditional Moroccan houses: usually containing multiple storeys and built around a courtyard. The city is scattered with these hidden gems. A visit to Marrakech isn't complete without a stay in one of these enchanting hotel homes. 


Treasure Hunting throughout the City

The little shops in Marrakech offer anything and everything you ever wanted. Finding something you'd like to take home isn't hard, negotiating over the price on the other hand can be quite tricky. Rule of thumb: the further you distance yourself from the medina, the better the prices and the friendlier the negotiations will be.

Ben Youssef

This beautifully decorated building used to serve as an Islamic College since the 14th Century. After closing down in 1960 it reopened in 1982 as a historical site for us all to visit. While walking around you can admire the carefully patterned tile-works and even have a peek into what used to be the students living quarters. Be sure to be early to avoid the masses. 

Fresh Fruits & Juices

Getting low on your vitamins is a real challenge in Morocco, as you can find little vitamin C bombs on every corner of the city. The famous Djemaa El Fna square offers a whole range of fresh fruit stalls, all crying out for your dirham. For as little as 10 dirham, you get yourself the freshest mixed juice. Highly recommended!