White Washed Charm in Northern Morocco

When you think of white washed villages in Morocco, most people imagine the better known beach-town Essaouira, but few know there is a charming little town located in the North of this colourful country, completely colourless. 

About 30km below the city of Tangier, on the Atlantic Coast, a small fisherman-village called Asilah attracts the crowds in search of a more tranquil experience. The white walls are fully in tact and the enchanting medina  allows for peaceful afternoon strolls. 

Many visitors come for the day, but staying the night gives you the opportunity to witness the sun rising and setting while painting the streets in beautiful pastels. In the area, there are many off-the-beaten-path areas to discover, where you will encounter long stretches of untouched beaches, often all to yourself.

The cuisine in this part of Morocco is heavily influenced by the Spanish kitchen and the proximity to the ocean, with plenty of traditional dishes to feast on. 

In this little town there is one place we recommend staying, the friendly VillaZila. This guesthouse hosts five individually styled rooms, an enormous roof terrace overlooking the ocean  and spacious common rooms to wind down in. 

This beach house feels like home, with attentive hospitality and  some of the best home cooking we have tried, it will be hard to leave. 

The Villa is well designed and contains everything you need for a beach getaway. VillaZila is a wonderful starting point to further explore the authentic coastal areas of Northern Morocco. 

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